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    May 24, 2020
    We will be rolling out our new patch today. The exact time varies depending on the device but it will start rolling out at 3:00 PM. So please plan accordingly. This patch will include the following changes:

    • Players who redeem a prize will now have an 8 hour cooldown to redeem another prize. We did this so other players will have more chances of winning a prize. This will also force potential winners to plan accordingly. This cooldown cannot be altered by boosts or Gils.
    • New Feature - Tabbed rewards page. The rewards page is now separated into sold items and available items.
    • Bug Fix - Double Tickets will now display the right amount of 1,000G.
    • Upcoming changes - The Spy Kit in its current form will be removed from the shop next week and will be replaced with Spyglass. The Spyglass works similar to the Spy Kit except it will only have a duration of 30 days and will cost $4.99.
    • More Rewards - We will be dropping two legendary rewards today as well as other Pops and Sodas.
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    May 16, 2020
    New Event - Soda Pop Event
    Massive Funko Sodas and Pop Event. We have included at least 10 Sodas and 10 Pops. You think you are ready? Well we sure hope so because we have some changes that would make it even faster and more competitive.

    New Feature - Sharing
    You can now share and invite your friends to join you and unlock more items.

    More keys - you can have a maximum of 5 keys now. Up from 3.
    Faster Key Cooldown - Keys now have an hour cooldown. Down from 2 hours.
    Voyage - Voyage can now be restarted for 100,000,000 coins. Voyage used to accessible at the end only.

    Limited Shop Item
    Ad Blocker Kit - Bonuses are instantly rewarded without watching any ads.
    Spy Kit - Tickets are doubled when you restart a voyage.
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    March 5, 2020
    New Feature - Events!
    You asked for it and now you are gonna get it.
    The March update is introducing Events.

    Events is similar to the main game except for the following:
    1. Events run at a shorter time. Maybe a week or two.
    2. Events will have their own set of rewards. Rewards start at lower prices and lower requirements.
    3. Some Events will also have a maximum allowed looters.
    4. An Event will have its own coins and tickets. So each player will start with 0 tickets and some coins. The coins and the tickets will not carry over from the main game.
    5. When an Event ends, players are rewarded with Gils based on their ranks.
    6. When an Event ends, the coins and tickets earned during the Event will be lost.

    New Feature - Score
    We are introducing a brand new concept - Score! Your coins, upgrades, fights, etc. are now aggregated into one score. The score will be reset after each season and players then get ranked and rewarded based on their score.

    New Feature - Music and sound controls
    We know you want to play LootMaster at work but that damn music always gives you away. Well worry no more, you can now toggle LootMaster's music and sound on or off.

    • Season delay.
      We have to delay the current season for another month to make room for the events as well as apply the new score/reward exchange. The current season will now end on March 31st at 6:00 PM PST.
    • Leaderboard is dead. Long live leaderboard.
      Most Coins leaderboard has been removed and replaced with High Score leaderboard. We have replaced the original ranking system because coins fluctuate everytime a player starts a new voyage. With scores, a player will always retain his score until the leaderboard resets. This new structure will allow the player with the highest score to possibly win a prize and still win more tickets at the end of the season.
    • Bug fixes.
      Some minor bug fixes and quality of life changes

    This March update is going through the approval process and should go live Mid-March.
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    January 4, 2020
    January 04, 2020 Update

    First, we would like to thank you for showing your support to BoomLoot and LootMaster. We are a small team so your support means so much to us and we thank you all very much.

    Second, the bugs. Oh my. We certainly did have a lot of bugs. We have spent most of our holidays working tirelessly on getting a fix as soon as possible. We have a lot of emails and DMs, some were constructive and some were not so much. So thanks to those for pointing out the error of our ways. It was definitely helpful. We should have fixed most of the more critical issues, added some quality of life features, and implemented some of your suggestions that we were able to squeeze into this patch.

    So here they are:

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed the exploit where breakables and activity buttons were getting farmed profusely amassing huge coins and tickets.
    Breakables now have cooldowns.
    Activities now have cooldowns.
    Fixed issue where resources were not saved when switching to rewards.
    Number of active looters now display exact numbers.

    New Features
    Added Back Button support.
    Added tutorial for how rewards work.
    Added tutorial for hero.
    Added end Boss at level 20. I am scared.

    Balance Changes
    Creeps now appear constantly after leave 5. These guys used to appear only on levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 or after beating the game.
    Lowered all the stats on all creeps.
    Turtle now has lower attack but way higher health.
    Wolf now has higher attack but way lower health.
    Eko no longer loses coins when hit.
    Eko is now knocked out for a longer period of time and requires input to resurrect.
    Eko can only be looted while knocked out.

    Most Requested Features
    Chat feature
    More creeps
    More weapons

    Most Requested Rewards

    On the horizon

    Again, thanks for the support and please keep the comments, questions, and concerns coming.

    Happy New Year.

    The BoomLoot Team

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